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About Me

I was first exposed to web development at the age of 9 when a family friend gave me a 700 page on HTML after making a comment about wanting to know how they work. Fast forward a little over 20 years, I’ve been very blessed to work with a wide variety of charities & agencies that are using the web to make a difference. 

Throughout my working life, I’ve been very blessed to work along side some of the best clients, designers, developers and project leads to create solutions that solve problems by focusing on the creation of an engaging and top notch solution that stays true to the overall goal. 

I focus a lot of my attention on taking onboard the goals of a project or business and then creating a solution that helps them to fulfil their goals and set them up for the future. I spend a lot of my time creating beautiful HTML & CSS templates and then integrating them to Craft CMS, which is my preferred CMS to work on. 

When I’m not coding or creating some awesome solution, you’ll normally find me brewing up a new beer at home, BBQ’ing some large chunks of meet or just spending time with my close friends or family. 

My Latest Work



Website build & design for a Colombian craft beer brewery. These guys are creating some great beer too.

Brew Tap

Brew Tap


A home brew app that'll change the way you brew. This exciting project will give homebrewers the opportunity to connect with the wider brewing community.

Let's Connect

Interested in working on something pretty awesome? I'd love to hear from you, feel free to reach out to me on which ever method suits you and we'll create something great together.